my name's M&M how can i help you today
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You could see he was breaking

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Psa 2 ants





Stop crawling on me

message from the ants: they say no and that you should buy more cilantro 

tell the ants i dont have throwaway cash to buy cooking herbs and they can get their own 

message from the ants: please we’re having mexican tonight 

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He’s unstable. Erratic.

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john mccain is in baseball jail 

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Fact —->Early reviews proved largely favorable, although some critics and reporters didn’t know what to make of the macabre series and, moreover, gave it a slim chance of surviving long enough to close many cases. In its fall TV preview edition, influential Entertainment Weekly magazine, listing synopses of new series, wrote of The X-Files, “We know — this show’s a goner,” but then during the show’s second season, featured the series on the cover.

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Samira Wiley as James Dean photographed by Sid Avery

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please stop calling Black children who have different interests and tastes white

it’s damaging and alienating

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